About my Jewelry

My name is Lanni. I design and create jewelry in my studio in Westchester, NY. I currently have three lines of jewelry. Why? Because I like to wear what I make and I don't want to wear the same thing day after day; life would get boring.

I make one line of jewelry that is sterling silver, and only sterling silver. I make a second line of sifted glass enamel jewelry that is made using glass enamel powders fired to crazy hot temperatures to melt and fuse the glass powders, enameling them to their copper base. These pieces are set in sterling silver. My première line are my cloisonné enamels. Cloisonné is a technique that places fine silver wires to separate the areas of colored glass enamel and helps create the design. 

So, if you happen to see me at a show and say, "I wear the same jewelry everyday, and I don't take it off", live a little and have fun with your accessories. Life is too short and while you’re at it brighten your day with a little color!